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Natural Stone Flake Epoxy Floor Finish

Epoxy Floor Finishes

We offer a wide range of Epoxy floor finishes including the Natural Stone Flake Epoxy floor finish which comes in the colour options outlined in the chart below.

Create a unique, natural, polished concrete look with the Stone Epoxy range of finishes also known as Hyper Flake, Ultra Flake, Natural Stone Flake and Vinyl Flake. While providing a protective seal on your floor, it offers the added aesthetics of a natural stone finish.

Your Natural Stone Flake Epoxy Colour Options

Viewing colours online depends on the device you’re using; specifically, the resolution of your device. The actual colour of a floor coating also varies slightly from resin to resin and it’s affected by the texture of the coating. Plus, we are unable to depict the full variety of shades available in the colour chart.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended to refer to a physical sample prior to making a final choice.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Discover the many benefits of Epoxy flooring today!

A Wide Colour Selection
UV Stable
Non-slip Options Available
Low Maintenance
Cost-effective Aesthetic Solution
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Good Chemical and Mechanical Resistance
Protects Concrete

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