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Concrete Repairs

Remedial Concrete Repair Contractor

At Surfex, we specialise in remedial concrete repairs.

Concrete repair involves systematic steps during the diagnosis and repair process. The term “concrete repair” refers to any replacing, restoring or renewing of concrete or concrete surfaces after initial placement. It can, in fact, be a part of some maintenance activities.

It’s important to establish whether a simple fix will suffice or whether a more comprehensive treatment and repair is required. Damaged concrete that has been left for too long will take more time to fix, as getting to the route cause is important to ensure that the issue does not arise again.

While concrete floors are strong and durable, wear and tear still happen over time. The most common problem is when cement starts to crack. If ignored, cracks widen causing substantial problems later. It is recommended to repair cracks as soon as they are noticed.

Once the concrete floor has been repaired, additional protection is recommended to ensure it is sustainable in the current environment. There are a variety of different ways to make the floor more durable with resin epoxies and sealants.

Together with our partners, we find the right remedy and solution, choosing the most appropriate method and products to do this.

It is important when engaging a contractor to carry out your repairs that they have the necessary knowledge and experience.

At Surfex, we are QBCC Licensed and enjoy over 20 years of experience in repairing and rectifying concrete cancers, spalling and cracking, as well as specialised epoxy resin applications.

Concrete Repair Specialists

Our Remedial Repair Process

Remedial Repair Process

1. Result of failed Epoxy System

Often overlooked or neglected is effectively addressing the most commonly recurring and expensive flooring-related problem: moisture combined with the incorrect product being used for that specific environment.
Remedial Repair Process

2. Removal of existing Epoxy Coating

If left untreated, the implications to the building and its occupants can be significant, including the entire floor lifting off of the slab or a host of health and safety problems that result from the presence of mold and mildew
Remedial Repair Process

3. Removal of rotten surface bed

The contaminated topping was removed and allowed enough time for the moisture to air out.
Remedial Repair Process

4. Repair of affected area

The surface was re-screeded with an epoxy screed system and left overnight to cure before application of non-slip top coats
Remedial Repair Process

5. Protection covering added

It was essential that the area remained dry and protected once repaired to avoid contamination before the new coating could be applied.
Remedial Repair Process

6. Preparation of substrate

Next, the preparation of the substrate to receive the new coating is completed.
Remedial Repair Process

7. Application of new Epoxy System

Now the Epoxy System is applied.
Remedial Repair Process

8. Process complete

The surface is now ready for use.

Repairing Cracks in Concrete Driveways

We carried out remedial repairs to a concrete driveway slab. Water penetration through the joints had eroded the sub-base; thus, causing slab deflection from heavy delivery vehicle traffic.

The cavity was filled to reinforce the slab, and joint sealant was installed to prevent any further water ingress.

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Rehabilitation Project

Remedial repairs carried out to slab edge

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Rehabilitation Project


850m2 of concrete repairs carried out prior to application of chemical-resistant, non-slip coating including 250m of coving. Work was done in preparation for the installation of additional 7-ton holding tanks.

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Rehabilitation Project


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Concrete Injection Project

Our client was concerned about a strong mouldy smell that could be detected throughout their apartment. This was a huge concern for this young family and their health. We were tasked to find the cause and remedy the solution. We discovered that there was moisture ingress coming through the floor slab which was caused by inadequate waterproofing at the construction phase. The solution was to inject a resin along the affected area which reacts with the moisture in the substrate forming a permanent moisture barrier preventing any further moisture ingress through the slab.

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Rehabilitation Project

Extensive Concrete Cancer Repair and Chemical-Resistant Coating for a Bund Room

Concrete cancer can be a serious issue, but with the right remediation and protective measures, you can restore your space and ensure its long-term durability.

Concrete cancer occurs when the reinforcing steel within the concrete corrodes, causing the concrete to crack and deteriorate. To repair this extensive damage, Surfex will first assess the severity of the corrosion and determine the appropriate repair method.

The repair process helps restore the structural integrity of the concrete, providing a solid foundation for the next step.

After the concrete cancer repair, it’s crucial to protect the newly restored surface from potential chemical spills and leaks in a bund room. A chemical-resistant coating system is specifically designed to withstand exposure to various chemicals, oils, solvents, and other potentially damaging substances.

These coatings are typically epoxy-based, which provides exceptional resistance to chemical attack and abrasion. The coating system is applied in multiple layers, creating a seamless, impermeable barrier over the concrete surface. This ensures that any spills or leaks are contained within the bund room, preventing them from seeping into the underlying concrete and causing further damage.

Remember, it’s essential to consult with experienced professionals who specialise in concrete repair and coatings to ensure that the chosen system is suitable for your specific needs and meets industry standards.

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